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Balance - senior

Product Code: KAGP250
Dimensions: 1,6m x 1,1 m x H 1,1 m
Material: aluminium, wood
The gear is equipped with moving plates on which one can move in a different sequence. The elderly thereby improve their coordinative abilities, strengthen their muscles and balance. With the help of the side fence-handhold, the safety and assistance is ensured in the exercise

Kreal senior

For strengthening of physical shape and motorics of elderly.

Kreal senior

Functionally arranged green public spaces and green infrastructure as a part of everyday experience for residents and visitors of a certain city can substantially affect their general well-being.

Wisely designed social spaces Kreal Aktiv encourage all generations to get included in the physical active lifestyle and thereby improve personal well-being and health as well as the health of the whole community, which includes physical, social, economical and psychological aspect.

We have designed the social space Kreal Senior – Outdoor Fitness especially for elderly in which, through physical activity and recreation, the processes of learning, entertainment and intergenerational socializing are intertwined.


  • advanced and safe equipment for outdoor fitness, designed especially for elderly;
  • the equipment enables performance of exercises for strength, balance and mobility;
  • the modularity of equipment, consisting of elements through which it is possible to adjust to the user’s needs;
  • materials resistant to external influences.

What do experts from the field of gerontology and kinesiology recommend?

  • Maintaining and boosting mobility is the basis of healthy ageing. Reduced muscle mobility can increase the possibility of falls, injuries and low-back pains.
  • Exercises for strengthening of balance plays an important role in reducing the danger of falls in old age.
  • Increased muscle strength reduces the risk for the occurrence of disability, cardiovascular diseases and deaths.

Balance - senior

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Vertical ladder - senior


Waving - senior


Pole - senior