Klop brez naslona 1
Klop brez naslona 2

Bench without backrest

Product Code: KAGP041
Dimensions: 0,51 m x 1,61 m x H 8,6 m
Material: Aluminium, wood (Siberian or SI larch, oak, acacia)

Kreal market

For meetings, promotion, trading,
learning, socialization,...

Kreal aktiv

An open, nicely decorated space for the promotion and sale of local products is becoming an important part of the local infrastructure. The design of such premises is in accordance with the national strategy of promoting local food supply.

The space Kreal® Market reflects the lifestyle of users and of the local community. Since the need to use the elements depends on gender, generation, purpose and region, the concept is designed to cover all of these aspects in order to make quick and easy modifications according to the needs in the easiest possible way.

  • stands and other needed equipment (in small local communities the marketplace works only occasionally,
    so it would be convenient to have lightweight, foldable and portable stands),
  • benches and tables for visitors for stowing the purchased goods.


  • adjusted to the environment and users,
  • light elements, easy to assemble and store,
  • modular - composed of elements that allow adaptation for changing needs - redesign,
  • premium design,
  • materials resistant to external influences (aluminium, acacia)
Market stall - standalone

Market stall - standalone

Klop brez naslova

Bench without backrest



Stojnica- zložljiva

Market stall – folding

Viseča gugalnica

Rest place

Sprostitveni paviljon

Relaxation pavilion