Conquer the wall

Kreal eclimber is a climbing system
that allows you to connect with the wall
via phone. Choose between different
climbing routes, measure your
progress and share it with your friends.


Connect with the wall

Scan the QR code on the wall and connect with Kreal eclimber website. Registered and unregistered users can use the app.

Choose a climbing route

You can choose between different climbing routes, which you can view on the screen. When the wall is free, you can start climbing.

Track & share

Measure your progress and compete with others. You can save the data or share it with friends.


Climb and have fun

Kreal eclimber is suitable for
leisure climbing in tourist facilities,
as well as for professional sport climbing.
It can be used as a monitoring tool for
measuring progress and competing
with others, or just to have more fun.

KREAL ECLIMBER system can be incorporated
 into already existing or new climbing walls.



  • Simple user interface for use and system control;
  • Optional additional functions for specific needs;
  • Physical system for marking routes, which is built into the mounting bolt, allows upgrading of the existing climbing walls;
  • Simple, precise and quick climbing guidance and monitoring;
  • Real-time monitoring, based on physical parameters;
  • Installation of additional sensors and real-time monitoring;
  • Open platform for add-ons.


  • Control over climbing with integrated touch sensitive sensors;
  • Monitoring via video cameras;
  • System for measuring progress and exchanging information with coaches.


We’re looking forward to join forces with you. Do not hesitate to contact us.