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Educational unit

Product Code: KAGP110
Dimensions: 4 m x 4,4 m x H 2,45 m
Material: Aluminium, PVC, laminte

Kreal EDU

For developing and carrying out various activities, learning,
sharing knowledge and skills, relaxation, socialization ...

Kreal aktiv

A nicely decorated space in nature for local clubs, extracurricular school activities and other associations is becoming an essential part of the infrastructure of the local environment, which is in line with the times and the needs of modern society.
Each Classroom in nature Kreal® Edu is unique and reflects the lifestyle of users and of the local community.

It provides users with optimum dynamic balance between spending time outdoors and the opportunity to present ideas in a pleasant and relaxing way, combining and connecting individuals with the passion and the desire to acquire new knowledge.
In the information era, virtually every piece of information is in our grasp, however there is a lack of innovative solutions to connect people with similar interests and ideas and assist them through the creation and integration processes. We have connected the problem with the solution.


  • adapted to the environment and users,
  • modular - composed elements that allow adaptation for changing needs - redesign,
  • premium design,
  • materials resistant to external influences (aluminium, acacia).
Educational unit

Educational unit

Paviljon s senčniki

Pavilion with sunshades

Učna enota

Educational unit 2