Materials and Warranty

Warranty of individual materials

15 years

• aluminum parts

10 years

• stainless steel metal parts
• surface protection of aluminum parts
• PE in HDPE panels and parts

5 years

• metal springs and their plates
• laminated timber
• wooden parts

3 years

molded plastic parts
painted metal parts
painted and coated bonded elements
surface treatment of wood
rubber parts

2 years

• movable plastic and metal parts
• nets for sports activities

The warranty covers materials and manufacturing defects. The warranty is valid only if the products are properly installed and maintained. This warranty is valid only if the products have been installed in accordance with instructions for maintenance. Damaged parts will be replaced as soon as possible and delivered to the address of the final purchaser free of charge.
Our service department carries out service inspections of playgrounds and equipment once per year. This warranty does not apply to: normal wear and tear, misuse or vandalism, slight discolorations.