New sleek approach with high quality and elegant aluminum frames, upholstered in genuine XTREME leather, the unique innovation made and patented by BOXMARK. XTREME Outdoor leather is maximum possible resilient against UV rays, salt water, chlorine, suntan oil, soil, mildew, insect repellent, alcohol and disinfection agents.

XTREME leather is antibacterial, antimicrobial, and highly stretch, tear and flame resistant in accordance with standards for hospitality industry and others.
 Aluminum frames, developed and built by Kreal Talum, are three times lighter than any steel with great mechanical advantages, resistant to sunrays with perfect thermal conductivity. The sleek aluminum frames do not rust, corrode and hold powder coating perfectly. They are structurally firm and enduring, simple to recycle and easy movable. In addition our XTREME Outdoor collection is sprayed with a technology that protects against heat factor.

XTREME leather is available in many standard and fashionable colors. Combining function and luxury our variety of colors are as adventurous or stream lined, as you would like to go. XTREME Outdoor Collection permits all possible custom variations.