Here is a fresh and elegant design luminaire, whose shape mimics the properties of waves of light and thus pursues the laws of nature. Aluminium, the material that embodies the exterior, ensures its longevity and durability. And the igneous design adds to the modern look of the landscape.
Common specifications
  • Application: Access roads, back roads, bicycle lanes, pavements
  • Light classes: ME5, ME6, S3-S6
  • Suggested mounting height: 4.5–8 m reflectors or 2.5–8 m lenses
  • Number of LEDs: up to 36 – reflectors up to 9 – lenses
  • LED type: Cree®
  • Lifetime: > 100 000 h
  • Colour temperature: 4000 K (optional 3000 K and 5000 K)
  • Lighting current: max. 7500 lm
  • Colour rendering index CRI: ≥ 75
  • Optic: reflectors, type V3 or lenses
  • Light diffusion: asymmetrically
  • Power consumption: 85 W at maximum lighting current (on-state 30 W)
  • Energy efficiency class: A+
  • Reduction of performance: Over programation freely adjustable 50% half-night switching
  • Operational voltage: 90-290 VAC; 47-63 Hz

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