Trikrako plezalo 1
Trikrako plezalo 2

Threefold climbing frame

Product Code: KAGP018
Dimensions: 1,9 m x 2,62 m x H 2,5 m
Material: Aluminium, perlon braided rope with a steel core

Kreal fit

For active leisure, games, enhancing physical fitness
and motor functions for all generations.

Kreal fit

The quality design of open public spaces improves the attractiveness and the quality of urban centers. Nicely decorated Public Spaces Kreal® combine all generations and include joint planning with the users of open spaces, taking into consideration the environment in which it is placed.

Each Public Space Kreal® is unique and reflects the lifestyle of the users and of the local community. Since the needs to use the elements depend on gender, generation, intended purpose and region, the concept is designed to cover all of these aspects and to make the needed modifications as fast and easy as possible.


  • adapted to the environment and users,
  • modular - composed of elements that allow adaptation to changing needs - redesign,
  • materials resistant to external influences,
  • devices for maintaining motor functions in elderly people, designed in cooperation with Anton Trstenjak Institute of gerontology and intergenerational relations.
Trikrako plezalo

Threefold climbing frame

Plezalna stena

Climbing wall

Sedemdelno plezalno ogrodje

Sevenfold climbing frame